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Backlights are a great option for upgrading existing traditional billboards in premium locations or new signage in high-traffic areas with zoning restrictions. "Backlights" are internally illuminated billboard structures with flexible faces. They are modular to accommodate a variety of size applications and are typically used in the off-premise outdoor advertising segment of the sign industry.

As the premier backlight manufacturer, ESCO has combined a patented cabinet design and tensioning system to establish itself as a pioneer in the field with displays from Times Square to Los Angeles.


Standard sizes range from 10' x 24' to 20' x 60'. ESCO has manufactured backlights as large as 25' x 125' for the Hyatt Regency, which is currently in operation near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Standard Dimensions
With the significant financial commitment often associated with backlight purchases, buying from ESCO means buying with the confidence--confidence that only comes when purchasing from a long established expert in the field.

The Benefits of an ESCO Backlight

The ESCO Z-Module® Frame offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any backlight in the industry, while complimenting the design and fully concealing the tensioning system. Plus, the modular construction allows economies of shipping and assembly for any installation site, and a wide variety of both custom and standard sizes. ESCO's backlights can also be retrofitted to almost any existing billboard space if you provide your Account Representative with the structure's center-to-center stringer spacing.

Reliable Illumination. ESCO's backlights are illuminated by high-output fluorescent lamps on 12" centers for uniform lighting throughout the image that has optimal surface brightness. Additionally, the ballasts are wired to alternating fixtures to minimize dark spots should individual ballasts fail. All backlight cabinets are UL compliant and display the UL label.


Efficient Installation. All backlights include: mounting clips, eyebolts, service doors, assembly information, and ESCO's Quik-Fas® Ratchet System for time-saving, secure field installations and efficient face changes.

ESCO also offers internally illuminated "8-sheet" displays for smaller backlight applications. Standard sizes are 60.5" x 133" for a single face 9.5" unit and 61" x 133" for a 14" double face.

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