Harley-Davidson Custom cabinet#

ESCO has been manufacturing quality sign cabinets since its inception in the mid- 1960's. Whether you prefer steel or aluminum--including "wrapped" steel or aluminum--or an aluminum extrusion in a wide variety of depths, we have the knowledge and resources to perform. The combination of choice quality raw materials, talented craftspeople, and aggressive lead times explains why ESCO has been a leader in the production of sign cabinets for several decades.

#Certified Welders

  • Single face or double faced
  • Accommodate any face materials
  • Specializing in custom shapes
  • Large or complex designs
  • Certified steel/aluminum welders and painters

    Mounting and Lighting Options
    We can accommodate most mounting and lighting requests. Mounting options include saddle, between pole, cantilever, thru-mount, or match plate. Lighting options include metal halide, LED, neon, or standard fluorescent illumination.
    Cabinet depths may be manufactured to any width necessary to accommodate the mounting application, illumination methods, or internal support specifications.

    Proprietary Aluminum Extrusions#

    Aluminum Extrusion
    ESCO has several strategically designed extrusions that offer a wide variety of face options including: flexible, bleed, rigid plastic or aluminum, and hinged faces. These proprietary extrusions were developed by sign people for sign people. Always durable and functional, with the ability to modify the profile and the retainer options to fit your specific application.

    Extrusion depths range from under 9" to over 17", depending upon your requirements.

    Paint Preparation of Oval Cabinet#

    Quality Paint and Preparation Techniques
    All sign cabinets are treated with a light acid wash and disk sanded before painting to ensure the best adhesion and consistent coverage.

    We use the PPG brand paint system. And in addition to offering a large stock of standard colors, we can also create custom matched colors using our computer controlled mixing stations.